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Friday, October 23, 2009

Target shopping 10/23

Ahhh, Target again..twice today! I checked out the clearance at regular Target, where I got Colgate MaxFresh with free Wisps on clearance 1.74 - $1 MQ=0.74. Then, a friend and I headed to SuperTarget to check out the new TQs. I got all this for 21.06. Of course, I had gift cards from the Glade deal so I used some of those instead!
I got
8 6 pks Boost Kid Essentials tpc 7.99, used 4 BOGO Qs(thx to some Target forum gals!) & 4 $5/1 Qs=2.99/2
2 Degree deodorant & 2 Degree sprays 3.29 each, used 4 $1.50 MQs & 2 $3 TQs(redplum)=0.29 each(btw, the MQ has a limit of 10 prints!)
2 Happy Baby frozen entrees 3.99 each, used free Q(1/customer, so my friend put 1 with her buys)= free(these are, healthy, great blends...and did I mention free w/Q?)
Airwick i-Motion 5.99(shelf said 13.99), used $6 MQ = free
5 bags Chex mix, found at cafe, 0.99 each, used 5 $1TQs=free
1 croissant & 3 muffins from self-serve at bakery 1.29 each, used 4 $1 TQs=0.29 each
(you can only see 1 in the pic because we ate the others on the way home,lol)
Some other ideas for that bakery Q: donuts & cookies are 0.69 each, so if you put 2 in a bag, use the TQ to get 2/0.38; croissants, danishes, & muffins are 1.29 each, so 0.29 after TQ
I think I'm all shopped out for awhile..maybe these stores will give me a break from the good deals for next week so I cam spend some time at home!


Theresa said...

Nice finds!

I keep forgetting to look for that baby stuff that is free with coupons.

My store has the holiday glade...but no tins or refills just the glass candles! Hopefully they get some soon.

Melissa said...

I am jelious!!! :) Are the Chex Qs Target?

Melissa said...

Wait I see they are Target but could I print them on the Target printer?

beth said...

The TQ for chex that I used was the one on
for $1/1..the new chex Qs aren't as good!