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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shopping today

Too much shopping! At Homeland, I got a sense & spray refill, 5 bags of frzn veggies, & Yoplait Delights for $3.41. At Reasor's I got cabbage & tomato juice(for cabbage rolls), a 5# bag of apples, and 2 8# roasts for $21. At Target I got...alot! I was just perusing the clearance end caps to waste some time...ended up spending $42, but got back $40 in gift cards(yes, I bought lots of candles, and yes, I'm done now! I'm all Gladed out!) My savings was well over $200, if counting the clearanced amounts as savings. In coupons alson I saved $180! Here's the highlights: yeah, the glade..blah, blah...the little candles in the jar are the best smelling! Gingerbread is my fav. I found 2 boxes of Pampers Cruisers, sz 3, 116 ct clearance 14.48, had TQ & MQ to get those to 10 each! Crystal Light 3 pks were marked 0.48, but rang up 0.24 Lever 2000 14 ct clearance 3.74, used $1 IP on those Chex mix tpc 1.75, but rang 1.99 so cashier adjusted, used TQ & MQ to get 5 for 0.25 each, mailing in for $5 rebate from General Mills(found this at Reasor's--last form, ends on Monday..they also donate $2 to Komen fund when you get your $5 rebate!) lots of roasts and steaks had $2.50 peelies on them...didn't buy though b/c my freezer is FULL Skippy 15 oz 2.04, bought 2, used 2 TQ and a $2 catalina I got at Homeland Going to Homeland tomorrow with a friend..I made a shopping list for her to maximize her savings this week...I came up with at least 12 meal options + goodies for under $50($4 per meal!), which is less than she typically spends...glad I can help!


Theresa said...

Do you have any information on spare rebate forms for the General Mills rebate you mentioned?
I haven't seen that one...and am going to pick up some Chex Mix at Target tomorrow.

beth said...

It was the last form, on a tear ends 10/26...just got it in time! Good luck finding one..they aren't printable:-(

beth said...

oh, found it near Progresso soups...rebate incl. chex mix, cheerios, progresso, pizza rolls, a bunch of others