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Friday, October 9, 2009

Playtime can be Harmful to Baby I know it's one of those things parents and grandparents do with their babies once the get a little neck/head control...toss the baby in the air in order to get a big smile and laugh. But, it's really dangerous. I had an online acquaintance tell of her husband doing this recently and my heart just dropped. Sure, your baby seems to love it, but I'm sticking to what studies show...that children, even up to age 5, should not be shaken, tossed, or even bounced. see the full article via the link above: the heads of babies and young children are heavy, and that the neck muscles are not strong. Rady's position on tossing a baby is offered in conjunction with information on Shaken Baby Syndrome. Rady notes that any sudden movement or shaking motion could cause brain injury, and that parents, grandparents, and babysitters often don't realize "how easy it is to hurt their baby this way". Not only does Rady advises parents not to toss their baby in the air. The children's hospital states that even though children may laugh and appear to be enjoying the toss, this activity could kill them. Geez, I get worried when we drive down certain bumpy Tulsa streets...this baby won't be thrown in the air if I have any say in the matter(which, as his mom, I do!) So, even though I don't have many followers, I'm putting out this PSA: please do not toss your baby or young child in the air!

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