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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 week Challenge

I know we all get busy with life..our own lives. I am giving myself a challenge, and invite others to join me. This Friday will mark 10 weeks until Christmas. My challenge is to give my time, talent, or treasure at least once a week to a worthy cause. That's 10 opportunities to brighten someone else's day, and maybe your own! Time--volunteer at a local charity, soup kitchen; visit a nursing home just to chat with the residents Talent--join the choir at your church; help an elderly neighbor with yard work; take a basket of baked goods to the new family down the street Treasure--clean out your closet, and the kids' toybox and donate; make a pledge to a medical/research society What other things can you think of to meet the challenge? The first thing at my house is to finally take the baby clothes that Garrett has outgrown to the Madonna House in Tulsa, a place for lodging, parenting classes, food & clothing for pregnant women and new moms in crisis situations, part of Catholic Charities of Tulsa. Next week? I'll think of something!


Theresa said...

I think this is such a great idea and I love the 3 T's you used!

I have donated before to the local animal shelter all the free dog/cat food I got.

I am thinking that in the month of December all the money I make from Treasure trooper, swagbucks, my google ads, etc. will be donated to a charity.....

Definitely keep us updated on how your charity work is going :)

beth said...

Great idea about the pet food, especially with all the great coupons available lately!