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Friday, October 30, 2009

Target/Walgreens 10/29

Maybe I should change my blog's name to "I'm a Shop-aholic" I can't stop when the deals are this good! Target: did the Glade deal 2x, separate transactions so I can submit for the SCJohnson rebates...5 holders & 5 refills, 10 Qs=money maker! I told my 12 yr old he can build me a Glade fort later this weekend, so I'll wait to show Glade pics til the construction is complete! My 3rd transaction at Target was awesome, too! It was all for my husband...he gets together with friends every Saturday night, and they all pitch in money or snacks or drinks..I'd rather he pitch snacks because it saves me money in the long run! I bought: Pepperidge Farms cheese crisps 3.49, used $1 IP=2.49, sending in for MIR of 3.49 8 Keebler chips deluxe & 1 Fudge Shoppe 2.00 each, buy 2 get 1 free, so 3 free, used 4 $1/2 TQs, 1 0.55/1 MQ, & 4 $1.50/2 MQs=1.45/9 oop 4.92, used a gc, MIR is 3.49, final oop=1.43! Walgreens was crazy this week...waiting for coupons I ordered to arrive, doing 7 transactions, so far, I think I have to do one more transaction, and think about the 4/$10 soda sale...we'll see how I feel tomorrow morning! I bought some Quaker Qs & Dove Qs on ebay, for 2.14 & 1.75. Here is what I've done so far: trans 1: 3 royal gelatin (-in ad Q)= 0.60 dulcolax 7.00(-3)=4.00, MIR of $5, $4 RR 2 colorsilk haircolor 2.99 each (-1.00/2MQ & in-ad Q)=2.98 halls refresh 1.00(-0.50MQ)=0.50, $1RR used $8 RR from last wk, oop=1.15, got $5 RR trans 2: same as #1 used $8 RR from last week, oop=1.15, got $5 RR

trans 3:

4 Quaker oats(-2 $1.25/2MQs & in ad Q)=3.88, $5 RR

1 royal gelatin (-in ad Q)=0.20

used $4 RR from #1, oop=0.64, $5RR

trans 4:

same as #3

used $4 RR from #2, oop=0.64, $5RR

trans 5:

8 dove conditioners 4 at 4.99 each, 4 at bogo(-8 $1.50/1 MQs)=7.96, $10RR

4 Quaker as above=3.88, $5 RR

2 gelatin=0.40

2 Reese's cups=1.24

used $9, $1, $1, $1RRs from last wk, oop=3.92, $15 RR

trans 6:

4 Quaker=3.88, $5 RR

emergen-C 3.49, $3.50 RR

dulcolax 4.00, $4RR, $5 MIR

used $10 RR from #5, oop=2.81, $12.50 RR, MIR$5

trans 7:

2 Dove Conditioner & 6 Dove Shampoo=10.96(- 2 1.50 MQs & 6 1.00MQs), $10 RR

1 Finesse shampoo 2.50(-1MQ)=1.50, MIR $2

2 gelatin =0.40

3 Act II popcorn(-in ad Q)=0.75

halls refresh=0.50, $1 RR

used $5, $4, $5 RRs from prev trans = oop 2.42, $11RR, $2 MIR

So, doing a little math here...I have spent 16.62 oop(tax, mostly), have 24.50 in RR left to spend, and will mail in for 17.00 in rebates...looks like a bunch of freebies, plus profit of 24.88....this is why I love Walgreens! Now, if they would allow RR for tax, we'd be really happy! Please someone stop me from buying more shampoo and conditioner! There may be a good deal next week at Walgreens on Herbal Essences and do I resist?!

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Mom About Town said...

What great deals!!! I am impressed every time I read your blog.