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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Walgreens today

I'm going to ignore the hassle I had today with an incompetent cashier and manager since I got such a great deal...long story short: they tried to not accept my huggies coupons til I made them void the walgreens coupons first and try again, annd they did not apply the in-ad Q to the bandaids so I ended up paying too much..I still have to go back and have them apply the coupon to one receipt, but I'll go later today when the baby isn't asleep in my arms. I'll spare you all the detailed coupon instructions, but after my receipt is corrected, and I have 2 'try me free' rebates to mail in, after crazy coupon stacking, this is what I got: For the amazingly low price of $18.77(including tax, wow) 9 boxes kids Bandaids(Dora & Spongebob) 6 pkg Huggies jumbo packs 1 Esencia shampoo 1 Esencia Conditioner Wags activity book 5 soft flannel/fleece baby blankets 4 home Lead test kits WOW!!! I had great coupons and found those 2 try me free hair products, the bandaids were free after Qs, the activity bk was 0.49, the lead kits were 0.14, the baby blankets were 50 cents! I may go get more of the blankets next week if they still have them to donate; the ones I bought today I'm using for cloth baby wipes and cloth diaper liners. Still can't believe $19!! Oh, and I have $12 RR to use next week, plus MIR for 15.98, and Care Givers Marketplace rebate on diapers for $4.50, so this is a money maker!


Mom About Town said...

Wow! That's a great deal and all those diapers!!! You're good :)

Melissa said...

Beth- Will you not spare me the coupon steps you used? LOL! They really helped me out the way you used to do them with where to go the coupons to how you used them at the store. I haven't gotten good deals in awhile. :(

beth said...

Melissa--lol! I had several $3 and $2 off Qs for huggies(I have a pdf file saved too that can be printed multiple times if you need a copy, I'll need your email addy!)

So for each transaction I bought 2 huggies and 3 kids bandaids...the shampoo has to be each on a separate ticket to be able to get rebates/try me free...they all want original receipts

Give the huggies Q and bandaid Q from the activity book first, then huggies MQ & bandaid in-ad Q next, then RR if you have any. I had to have 2 extra items to use the huggies activity bk Q, and 1 item for each RR I used..hence the clearance items. For some reason one of my transactions, this coupon order didn't work and the huggies MQ had to go first...I dunno! Got back $4 RR for each transaction w/2 huggies, & sending off for the 'try me free' rebate, and Caregivers Marketplace rebate for huggies(see my thread about this on the new coupon queen forums)

does that help? questions?

side note: 2 of my bandaids transactions, I didn't realize they missed the in-ad coupon til after I left the store...had to go back because I overpaid $5.40 twice...both tickets I tried explaining they were doing it wrong and refunding me too much money..I told them how much it should be, but somehow they couldn't do it correctly and I ended up with $24 extra...whatever-- I tried for several minutes, but they said they couldn't get it to work so they said they wouldn't worry about it and refunded the full price of 6 boxes of bandaids..geez!

beth said...

oh, and btw, with the extra money, I promptly turned around and bought more diapers and blankets,lol