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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today my house is filled with that yummy pumpkin smell...

Because of the water in our gas line, ONG opted to move our meter closer to our house, and when and if they ever get to it, they'll be tearing up my garden. We went ahead and dug up the potatoes and carrots, and plucked this guy...our only pumpkin! I am baking it to puree it, then freezing it to be used for breads or other treats. I also saved the seeds to roast, so we can enjoy some immediate pumpkin goodness.

Trenton wanted to use the pumpkin for a funny Halloween decoration...he wanted to use the seeds and stringy membranes to make the jack-o-lantern look like it was vomiting..yuck! I like my idea of eating it better.

I would like to take the boys to the pumpkin patch for pictures this week...won't that make a nice photo to give to grandparents for Christmas!

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