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Monday, October 19, 2009

Homeland 10/21

another BOGO sale at Homeland this week, which means you can buy 1 item at half price..I'll get a shopping list together as soon as little one naps! is what I see(of course I'm sure there are more deals to be had, but this is what I would buy, if I had room for it all). All the Qs are from inserts except where noted. Buy 1 Hormel entree 6.99 get a Bob Evans side dish (3.49)free, use $1 Q= 4.99 for both Stouffer's Easy Express meals 7.29, use $1 Q AllYou mag = 5.29 Granola nut clusters buy 1 for $1.90, use 0.50 Q=0.90; buy others for 0.90 each using $1 dnd IP(since it is dnd, get as many as you want) Hamburger Helper buy 3 for 3.30, use 0.75/3=1.80/3 Totinos pizza rolls buy 2 for 2.25, use 0.40/2=1.45/2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls buy 2 for 1.98, use 0/40/2=1.18/2 Pillsbury crescent rolls buy 2 for 1.98, use 0.50/2=0.98/2; buy others for 0.98/2 using the 1.00/2 dnd IP Hiland sour cream or dips buy 1 for 0.89, use 0.40 dnd=0.49 Progresso High Fiber soup 1.25 each, use $1 dnd IP(see this post ) = 0.25; use as many as you want since they are dnd; there are also some insert Qs & some from the IP sites, if you really need lots of soup! Birdseye veggies 2/2.09, buy 4 and use the $1/4 IP from the related post=2.18/4 Hillshire Farms smoked sausage 2/5.00, ise $1/2dnd=4.00/2 Quaker Chewy Bars 2 for 3.29, use $1/2 IP= 1.29/2 Yoplait Delights 1.50 each, use $1 dnd IP=0.50 This is what I'm getting this week, 4 times since I have 4 sets of each Q: Birdseye veggies, buy 4, use $1/4 IP=2.18/4 Yoplait Delights buy 1 for 1.50, use $1 Q=free I always have room for more veggies, especially for making baby food, and normally I make my own yogurt, but I'll try these dessert yogurts since I have Qs to make them free!

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