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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Body after Baby...week 4

Week four of the challenge is upon us... I am not doing so great in exercising so I am not losing much weight :-( The mini-challenges thus far were wk 1 :drink water, wk 2:walk, wk 3:eat healthy meals. I hope wk 4 is something to do with crunches, since that's what I really need to do! I hope to up my water intake and exercising...I've been a slacker for a week or so now! Find out how the other participants are doing here or here


Krystal said...

you got your wish on the crunches!

you can do it! :)

Amanda Sikes said...

Well, this week is for you then. I hope it helps you to get back on track. You can do it, only five more weeks left!!!

Melinda said...

Yay for crunches!

Hope you have a great week.