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Thursday, October 8, 2009

making baby food

Last week we bought a small butternut squash for 1.49/lb, well, it rang up as 79 cents/lb so even better! Price was 1.79. I finally prepared it today to make and freeze baby food. Garrett loves squash! After baking and pureeing, this made about 42 ounces...let's call it 4.3 cents/oz. Gerber squash comes in 5-7oz packages, depending on the stage, and on sale recently I saw it for 87 cents/pk. The organic was higher, but for simple comparison, we'll use the regular 7 oz on sale for 87 cents...that's 12.4 cents/ounce. So, making butternut squash at home saves 8 cents/ounce. That's quite a bit for a family on a budget. Garrett eats around 4oz of solids a day right now, but his appetite will increase soon, I'm sure. That's at least $10 in my pocket each month (or, if you look at it my way: a few trips to Homeland or Walgreens!) Maybe it's silly to get excited about saving ten bucks a month, but that's who I am! side note: Homeland has squash for 59 cents/lb this week, so an even better deal!

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