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Sunday, October 18, 2009

More about paid surveys

I originally posted about this here , and I have a new development I'm excited about. I applied for Neilsen Homescans awhile back, and apparently I'm on a waiting list for a scanner, but I happened to take a call from Neilsen tv ratings last night, verified my info, and got the great news they are paying me $30 to, get this: watch tv and write down what shows I watched for 1 week...what a sweet deal! I will already be watching a few shows, why not tell them about it and get paid?! I only have to jot down the show's name when I watch, or write 'no tv' on days I don't watch...awesome and easy $30! Reminding you of some other opportunities you can join me in: Opinion Outpost Swagbucks If you shop ebay or any online retailer, you'll want to sign up for ebates and get cash back when you shop! I'm not sure about Lockerz yet, but I can send out email invites if you are interested, same with SendEarnings. I do like Lightspeed and Greenfield Online...both have easy payouts and I've done quite a few product testings through Greenfield. If you already spend time online, give one of these a try!

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