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Friday, October 9, 2009

spent $2 at Target

bought 4 bags chex mix, 4 Pond's face cleansing towellettes, 3 glade oil candle holders, 3 refills for candle holders, paid $2..I was going to get ALL detergent and price match with Warehouse Market, but they were all out(huh?) chex mix 1.99 each, used $1 TQ & 0.50 MQ on each pond's .99 each, used $1.50 MQ on each for nice overage candle holder tpc for 1.50, used $1.50 MQ on each candle refill 2.50, used free wyb holder MQ on each paid tax of $2.xx Also shopped at Homeland today; had my hubby do a separate transaction so I wouldn't have to go back til next week. We each bought 2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest linguine 1.25 each, used $1/2Q 1 Bumblebee tuna/cracker kit 1.00, used $1 Q(dnd, but it did!) 1 International Delight creamer 1.79, used 0.55Q(new flavor caramel macchiato...trying tomorrow) total oop $0.76 I also bought 2 bags of mixed veggies for stew and had a raincheck/coupon combo to get a box of SunCrystals packets free. Since Target was out of All detergent in the 32 load size, headed to Walmart real quick...fully stocked! Bought 4 bottles, price matched to Warehouse Market for $2 each, used $1MQ on each and paid $1+tax for each bottle of detergent....I usually just make my own detergent, but this was really cheap and will help me when I am too busy to make another batch! Tomorrow morning I'm going to try to get out for a couple more things...Reasor's is having a 12 hr sale on 12 pks of Pepsi products, 4/$9...we don't buy soda for the house, but my hubby pitches in with friends for snacks/drinks when they get together, so this will be his pitch this week...going to attempt a price match at Target because I have Target Qs and MQs that should net me 6 12 pks of soda for $8...wish me luck!

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