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Saturday, October 3, 2009

deals today

Well, I shopped alot this week and have neglected posting everything...earlier this week I managed to spend $32 at Walgreens to get $30 RR back and tons of stuff--mostly cold meds in preparation for any illness that pops up in our household, and a few bottles of shampoo & conditioner(John Freida, Garnier, & Herbal Essences). I've been to Homeland a couple times for free creamer, sweetener, & applesauce. I did go to SuperTarget also and actually spent some money since I was using up some diaper Qs. Today I ended the week with Walgreens & Homeland again. Walgreens: vaseline sheer infusion 6.99(-1.50) dentek floss 2.00(-1.00) 2 reeses pb lovers 0.49 each(-b1g1) activity book 0.99 2pk lint rollers clearance! 0.50 used $8 RR from theraflu deal, paid 1.25 oop & got back $9 RR to use another time Homeland: sun crystals 50 ct 2.00(-1.00) wishbone dressing 1.67(-0.75) coffeemate 1.99(-1.00) musselmanns applesauce 1.89(-1.00) all the Qs doubled except musselmanns (the doubled part auto'd to 0.89) paid 48 cents! going to do it all again 1 more time before the sale ends, plus I think I'll get the guacamole's 29 cents after Q!

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