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Saturday, October 17, 2009


I haven't had the chance to go shopping AT ALL this week...I've had to get kids to doctor appointments, and had to be at home for various repairmen and utility workers(there is water in our gas line in the yard, so no heater or hot water until they finish Tuesday or Wednesday). My husband is off work today so I'm making him go to Homeland with me so I can get 2 transactions in...will report my finds when I get back...wish me luck! I'm ba-ack! My husband's bag: 1 bumblebee tuna & cracker kit 1.49, used $1 Q from redplum; 2 bx Ronzoni smart taste elbow mac 1.21 each, used $1/2; 2 cans Campbell's crm of chicken 1.00 each, used; lysol wipes 2.50, used $1 MQ from hangtag at Target; lysol liquid all purpose 2.50, used $1 MQ from hangtag total = 1.75 My bag: same stuff but I got spaghetti instead of elbow mac (1.25 each), and crm of mushroom instead of chx. My total = 1.84 so, 2 transactions, 2 tuna & cracker lunch kits, 4 bx pasta, 4 Campbells cooking soups, 2 Lysol wipes, 2 Lysol liquids, $3.59...not bad! I didn't NEED any groceries this week, but these items were so cheap, it's hard to pass them up. Plus, the Lysol is great for 50 cents! Lots of cleaning during this flu season, and I'll save the wipes for school supply lists next year. Going back Monday to do this same list 2 more times with a friend!

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