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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walgreens/Homeland 11/11

My husband called and woke the baby, so I got to go shopping after all!
At Homeland I paid 0.19! Apparently I got overage on a coupon or 2 because I should have paid a little over a complaining!
Went to 2 Kleenex to be seen! I paid 4.66, got back 17 in RR, so not bad. My oop could have been less if I hadn't bought 2 pkgs of tissue paper that did not ring up bogo...almost returned it when I realized, but decided I wouldn't want to draw attention to myself since I coupon there so much! I need to do a couple more transactions at Walgreens Friday/Saturday, so my RR will not expire before Black Friday, so please, please, please: if you are reading this and local: 1)don't go buy all the stuff I intend to buy & 2)don't tell everyone else about my deals so they go buy all the stuff I intend to buy! That being said, if you want to know what coupons I found to use today, leave me a comment with email and I'll fill you in!

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