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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guess what came in the mail?

that's! $30, in fact! It's from Nielsen...all I had to do was agree to right down what we watch on tv for 1 week starting tomorrow...easy money! Grey's Anatomy will be extra rewarding to watch this week!


Vanessa said...

ok, so i am totally jealous! I hope they accept me!!

Jess said...

Where did you sign up for the Nielsen surverys?

beth said...

They were taking apps awhile just have to watc for details! In the meantime, let me refer you to a couple survey sites...take as many or as few as you like...see my post here under surveys. I have received now about $20 from Swagbucks sunce September, $20 from Opinion Outpost, random amounts from the others; I have received products to test and received over $30 from Greenfield Online...go sign up so I get points for referring you, and you get points for participating!