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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reasors 11/17

I had plans to pick up some pork chops 98cents/lb and a little produce, and while at Reasors found a couple great coupons! I picked up for later sales some Kraft marshmallow Qs, some Glad clingwrap Qs, and a few bread Qs! What I came home with was a fairly good deal, too! I normally don't spend over a few bucks when I shop, but when there is a good price on meat, I try to stock up! I got 2 family packs of pork chops, 0.98/lb..I bought 16.5 lbs total, which I divided out into 3 chops/bag to freeze...I got 30 pieces, so 10 bags=10 meals in my house for $16! got 3 FreshPet meals 2.59 each, used 3 free Qs(I don't normally buy this dog food, but it was free & we are out of dog food!) got 3 heads of romaine for 99cents each got 3.2lbs oranges for 1.82 then the best find! I got 2 pkgs of Earthgrains multigrain thin buns for 2.99 each. Each had a Q stickered to it for 55 cents off, plus there was a tearpad on the display or $2 off produce wyb the bread! I am making bbq pork roast this week sometime so we will use the buns for sandwiches! The bread essentially paid for my produce...awesome!
Like I said, I don't normally spend this much in 1 trip, my total was 25.57, but I got enough pork chops for 10 meals! plus ll the other stuff!

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