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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Planning my shopping trips this week

Well, I was planning on shopping right now, but Garrett is's 745 am...he woke at 6...maybe a growth spurt. I thought that yesterday also because he napped quite a bit and nursed more than usual...better get some bigger clothes out! I would like to get a few more of the free/cheap wipes at Target, plus if my fav cashier is working, take him a candy or soda or something...he's young, he'll appreciate that! If there are some Glade gingerbread refills, I'll be tempted to get a few of those, too. Homeland this week has some decent deals. A good week to stock up on good pasta, but not me--we still have about 20 boxes from the last 2 sales on Ronzoni! I will be getting Coffeemate since I have 10 more coupons to use, and I'll get Campbells Harvest soups, because they are free after coupon. I'll also get the Crisco, since I may need more oil soon. Other than that, not much for me! Reasors has a decent price on pork chops, so I think I'll have Vince bring some home tonight! Walgreens, ah, Walgreens. Next week doesn't have many great RR deals, so I need to get a few deals late this week so I have some to use on Black Friday. Friday or Saturday this week I'll pick up some neopsporin & Kleenex & tissue paper. Next week they have Dove deodorant cheap, Pepsi products, Sunkist/DrPepper products, Aussie. Black Friday shows Infusium, toys, & aquafresh deals...get ready for the Walgreens extravaganza! Because I have been purchasing foods when they are free or almost free for months now, I have built up quite a stockpile. This affords me the ability to only purchase now to keep my stockpile going, with the exception of the occasional non-sale item. (I noticed yesterday I am low on brown sugar). We buy produce & meat & bread in bulk when on sale cheap, and store in the freezer. We eat what we have on hand, and plan meals around what is on sale, not what we have a craving for. This has saved us hundreds of dollars in just the few months we have been couponing. I do this so I can continue to stay home with Little One.

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