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Monday, November 30, 2009

I found three boxes of clearanced Photostamps codes at Walgreens(there were more last week, but I grabbed the last 3 yesterday); original price 19.99, down to 9.99...still higher than 20 stamps at the post office, but I paid in RR so it didn't matter to me!  Basically, you upload photos and make your stamp on  If you order 2 or more sheets of the same stamp, the price per sheet is discounted.  This is what I did:
stamp A 3 sheets, stamp B 2 sheets
used code cutekid12 for free shipping
used code tenoff for 10% off
ued the 3 codes I bought at Walgreens, which takes of the full 22.00 for each code even though each sheet was less than that since I ordered multiples;
final total $2.02 for 100 stamps!  My husband would insert here that I spent $30 more since I paid with RR, but to get those 4 RRs that I used, I only paid tax on the items; but, yes, somewhere way back in the long history of myWalgreens shopping I spent money somewhere to get my original RRs!

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