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Sunday, November 8, 2009

free Kleenex at Walgreens

I had to go back and try the Kleenex deal! I got all this for 99 cents+tax=3.52!!! Thankfully the link I had earlier for the MQ for Kleenex is MIA, so I can't do too much more damage! This is what I did: 1: 2 Betty Crocker Frosting, used 2 0.50 MQs & in ad Q 3 Kleenex 85 ct, used b1g1 MQ, $1 IVC & in ad Q 2 gift sacks, used in ad Q total 0.42+tax=0.94 2: 3 Kleenex as above 2 gift sacks 2 Carnation evap. milk, used 0.50/2 MQ & in ad Q total 0.14+tax=0.64 3: 3 Kleenex as above 2 fleece baby blankets 0.10 each 2 frosting as above 0.16+tax=0.68 4: same as 3 0.16+tax=0.68 5: 3 Kleenex as above flavored milk straws 0.25 2 Carnation evap milk as above 0.11+tax=0.58


Anonymous said...

Great Job!! Where did you get the 1 IVC coupon and what does IVC stand for. A little new to this.
Thanks Christina

beth said...

the IVC, instant value coupon? is in the new Healthy Saving booklet found up front

Anonymous said...

Thanks got the last four boxes on the shelf at "my" Wags. I didn't have a manuf. coupon, however I am so happy with .09 a box!!! Christina