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Friday, November 27, 2009

My Black Friday shopping

I did venture to Walmart, but the one item I wanted was long, just Walgreens for me! Garrett, of course, helped by "holding" my coupons, but Trenton was home from school so I actually did have help today...AND, he bought me lunch after! What a good son!
6 transactions, 5different stores...
oop 11.85(mostly tax!), got back $ 76 in RR


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! What is the Kleenex deal? Thanks, Christina

beth said...

it's an old one...a few wks ago they were 1.09 in the ad, & $1 IVC in one of the books...they were sold out so I got several rainchecks...the IVC expires the 28th so I decided to get movin! after Qs, the Keenex gave me overage on my other items, so a sweet deal! Now I'm ready for school supply lists next year!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Why didn't I think of a raincheck?? I thought maybe the IVC was working on the 78 to 108 count. Next I will think raincheck! Thanks for posting, it is sooo fun to see a pile of things for pennys! (even if it is not my pile) I can appreciate the hard work of many wags trips with thoughts of how to work each transtion!