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Monday, November 30, 2009

challenges & weight loss

I signed up to participate in an 8 wk Body after Baby challenge twice this year.  I did not follow through either time.  Somehow, overlooking the bad food choices and lack of exercise, I managed to lose 10 pounds each time.  I guess I wasn't ready to commityet, but I saw a picture of myself from Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure that pic of my holding the baby, yet I still look slightly pregnany---yep, that's gonna get me motivated!  I really just need to workout--be consistent with cardio & strength training--put some other stuff on the back burner...drinking my water instead of juice right now, getting ready to head out in a few to go walking with a friend(of course, we are stopping by Godiva for a free piece of chocolate so it may defeat the purpose,lol).

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