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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walgreens week of 11/15

I am hoping to get to Walgreens early for a couple transactions...shouldn't be a problem since Garrett has decided that 530 a.m. is a nice time to get up! I don't have the whole week planned because I don't know if they will have restocked the Kleenex & Lubriderm from the past week, and I am not sure what to do wih the Gillette/Secret/Old Spice deal will give RR for a free item not for value...hmm... Trans #1 will look like this: 3 12 pks Pepsi products= 11.00, use $1/3 MQ=10.00, get 2RR 4 12 pks 7up products=10.00 Aussie 2.99, use $1MQ=1.99, get 2RR Secret Clinical 7.99, use $2 MQ from Vocalpoint(I have 4 or 5!)=5.99, get RR for free product 1 Ricola mixed berry w/vit C 1.00, use 0.50 WQ=0.50, get 1RR use $10RR, $10RR, $8RR, oop 0.48+tax Trans #2: gillette shave gel 1.99, use 0.55MQ=1.44, get RR for free product ricola 0.50, get 1RR 2 holiday pencils, use in ad Q=0.25 use $2RR from Pepsi in trans 1=0.19+tax then I will use the free product RR from shave gel to get: gillette shave gel 1.99, use RR=free ricola 0.50, get 1RR and this will tell me whether the gillette/secret/old spice RRs are rolling! stay tuned!

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