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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walgreens, Target, Homeland 11/22

Well, I messed up on a couple transactions, spending more than I intended...blame it on wiggly baby & expired store signs...not complaining, though, because I bought lots of stuff I needed and pretty sure I still came out on top! I even forgot to use a RR on one transaction...
Sorry, no pics! If you need details on specific deals, just let me know..too tired to deal with it now, seeing as how I have to go reorganize cabinets again!
Walgreens(split into several transactions/stores):
8 Theraflu
15 Lubriderm
35 gift sacks
Ghiradelli bar(for my stocking!)
Ricola(forgot to use 2 coupons!)
4 5.1oz bags Lindt Lindor truffles
6 pkg Vanity Fair plates
oop 20.60, received $ 46 RR(should have been $52, but apparently I used my theraflu RR twice to pay for theraflu, so I didn't get 2 RR...ugh! I have got to start paying more attention, and maybe only 1 transaction at a time!)
some of my Qs gave overage..originally my total was -1.03, and the cashier redid the transaction 3 times until he got me a total, lol
1 bag cranberries
1 Kashi garlic crackers
200 ct coffee filters
2 Kotex liners
1 Dole tropical fruit
1 Coffeemate
oop 0.53!
I redeemed points on my hubby's credit card to get a Target $25 gc this week, and it arrived Saturday, so I used it to pay today, but my total was only $5.52, so I have almost $20 left on the card. I normally wouldn't use Qs to get this many freebies in one trip, but they were well-stocked and I refuse to go to Target during the BF sale, and I had coupons expiring soon!
7 pkg GE reveal light bulbs; on sale $2/pkg, used several MQs & TQs to get my price down to $2 for 7 4pks!
3 Keebler graham cracker crusts tpc 1.52 each, used 3 $1 MQs from Save a lot website= 0.52 each
1 Johnson's buddies soap bar 0.97, used $1MQ any Johnsons product
9 Steaz teas 1.09 each, used 3 bogo Qs from & 6 free MQs =free for all!
total 5.52, used gift card
I hope to found a few more Lubriderm before the week is over...1 mgr ordered some extra for me, but another mgr was supposed to and said it was discontinued & couldn't get any, huh? I opted to not do the Ritz/Wheat Thins deal previously posted since I have gotten so many Kashi crackers at Homeland...see, showing a little restraint!
So, I'll check a couple more stores for Lubriderm while I'm out this week, but not going out of my way to find it..too busy this week! Then Friday, Infusium & deodant extravaganza before the Sunday/Monday mad dash to find items before my coupons expire on 11/!

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