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Monday, November 30, 2009

Walgreens 11/29

I had to rush out early in the morning to try and find the toothbrushes & bandaids...without much success.  It really irks me to find out that 1 couponer, who I apparently followed around to 2 stores, bought all the childrens bandaids, and is donating them, not using them...ugh!  I mean, she got them to do 20 or more transactions of 2 kids bandaids=3.00, use WQ=free, earn $1RR...she paid no tax, got all the bandaids and all those RRs...makes me sick!
The plan was 4 zooth or Oral B stages toothbrushes minus 4 $1 MQs & WQ=2.00, get $5 RR; 2 boxes bandaids minus WQ=free, get $1 RR; 2 glade products minus appropriate MQs=1.00, get $1 RR; 8 xmas pencils minus in ad Q=1.00; pay with $4 RR from last week...I was able to do this once, and then a couple more times without the bandaids...won't complain too much, though---ran into a Q trading buddy at one store, then met a new Q friend at another store! 
Looking forward to the sale that starts Dec 2:  Natrol Acai(ah-sigh-ee)...this has properties of healthy fats &'s good for you, go get some, plus with the $3 MQ, you'll pay $1, & get $4RR!
If you wear contacts, solution is free after RR.  There is a Northern tp RR deal also.  And Goody hair accessories are free after RR.  I will be getting the hair elastics and some Acai, and also I ordered MQs for the Ecotrin on sale, and ordered MQs for Toblerone candy(sale 2/3.00 til 12/26, use $1MQ and the IVC in the December book to get these free...I ordered 40 Qs, not that I really need that many, but surely I can use them in a recipe somehow...ummmm, yeah, just Googled Toblerone recipes---I'm good to go!)
The Ecotrin deal is good if you or someone you know is on an aspirin regimen for your dad is and I should start since my dad has a history of heart attacks, my gma has a history of strokes, and my Qs make them free with overage! 

Another great find yesterday:  I did a whole transaction without getting RR back--I know, strange of me to do that, but I really wanted these items:  found 3 boxes Photostamps codes(more on that in later post!) clearanced to 9.99, and yoga pants clearanced to 1.69...woohoo!  You might check out your store...I am trying to find more Photostamp boxes!


jewelrygrl said...

My Wags Only had 2 Boxes of bandaids and 4 princess toothbrushes ofcourse i got them all but still disappointed and we couldn't get one of my 1.00 coupons to scan, it kept peeping. cashier said she had been having problems with coupons all day but she was still very kind!!!! Hoping they will restock!!!

beth said...

yep, those coupons do beep on most toothbrushes...something about old upc of my cashiers tried to tell me after 2 of 4 coupons worked that I could only use 2 coupons...I let her know that was untrue & to call for the manager if she didn't know how to fix it...

Theresa said...

That's too bad you didn't get any band-aids. I only found 1 box and ended up buying it. I didn't get register rewards, but at least it was free.
The toothbrushes were out too at my stores. There are so many couponers out there, maybe I should be setting my alarm clock for Sunday morning shopping rather than going to the store at 1pm!
I hope your store gets restocked and you are able to get some goodies!