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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Walgreens 11/3

Luv the Almay deal this week! I don't have much time to detail everything I did just now, but basics: 6 transactions, used RR from last week to get started, then alternated RR from Lubriderm, Almay, & Herbal Essences...oop=17.05, still have $52 in RR, so profit of $34.95....what?! I got 12 mascaras, 4 foundations, 2 eyeshadows, 2 lip gloss, 3 Herbal Essence, 1 Aussie, 6 Lubriderm, 20 Halloween clearance items(0.06 each...fillers & wanted candles!)
I am really excited about the lotion..fragrance free..great for my baby--he has eczema, and I haven't had mascara on in over 6 months--guess I will now!
Wonder what I can buy next week with all my RRs?
adding a bit more info real quickly: for the $10 RR, buy the Pure Blends Almay foundation 9.99;
for the $5 RR, buy the Almay Pure Blends mascara, lip gloss, or eyeshadow;
the One Coat mascara is 6.99 or 7.99, use $4 Q in Nov. coupon book;
The reason this deal is so hot is because the ad says buy 1 get 1 half off, but most stores are ringing telling if or when this will be coreected, so check it out with just 2 items first, and if it rings free, then kindly excuse yourself from the line, saying you have more shopping to do!
adding more info, again, while the baby is napping!
Here is a break down of my transactions:
trans 1
Halloween clearance item 0.12
Almay Pure Blends foundation 9.99
Almay Pure Blends eyeshadow 7.49, but will discounted to free b/c of bogo sale
used $10 RR from Dove deal last week=0.11+tax=0.97, got 10RRfor foundation & 5RRfor eyeshadow
trans 2
3 Lubriderm 6oz frag. free 3.79 each, used 3 $2 IPs & $1 Q from Diabetes & You book=2.37
2 Herbal Essences 2/7.00, used free Q from facebook promo & $1MQ=2.50
2 Halloween clearance items 0.12 each
used $5 RR from eyeshadow in trans 1=0.11+tax=1.70, got 8RR from Lubriderm & 2RR from Herbal Essence
trans 3
foundation 9.99
eyeshadow free
2 Almay One Coat mascara 7.99 each, but 1 was free b/c bogo sale
2 Almay one coat mascara 6.99 each, but 1 was free b/c bogo sale, use $4 Q from November coupon book will take off $4 for each, even the free=-16.00
used 8RR from Lubriderm in trans 2=0.97+tax=3.10, got 10RRfoundation & 5RReyeshadow
trans 4
4 mascara 7.99 each
2 mascara 6.99 each, use $4 walgreens november book(it will deduct $4 for each)
foundation 9.99
Almay Pure Blends lip gloss free b/c of bogo
12 clearance Halloween candles=1.20, used 2RR from Herbal Essence in trans 2 & 5RR from Quaker deal last week=3.16+tax=6.07, got 10RR foundation & 5 RR lip gloss
trans 5
1 Aussie, used $1 MQ=2.50
1 Herbal Essence, used free MQ
3 Lubriderm=2.37
3 Halloween clearance 0.06 each
used 5RR from eyeshadow=0.05+tax=1.63, got 8RR from Lubriderm & 2RR from shampoo
trans 6
2 mascara 7.99
foundation 9.99
lip goss free
1 Halloween clearance 0.06
used 8RR from Lubriderm=2.04+tax=3.58, got 10RR foundation & 5 RR lip gloss


kenziekylanmom said...

Wow you are so great at this! Today is my first day to start reading 918coupon queen and it's totally overwhelming, hope to be as great as you are someday!

beth said...

thanks for checking out my blog! I made alot of mistakes along the way, realizing I could save even more it's an obsession!
Good luck with your coupon journey...let me know if I cam answer any questions!