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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yellow Team

Just trying to get everything straight here... I'm on Yellow Team for the Mama Notes Fit By Labor Day Challenge. My teammates are: Corrine Nancy Alissa Holly How's everyone doing so far? Making changes to diet, or just exercising? I'm doing 30 day shred for thew first month(which btw, hurts so bad when you are so out of shape! And, the 20 minutes takes me almost an hour because LO always wakes up during, lol), and not sure about what to do after the 30 days. I am tracking me food on more food and eating less processed stuff, adding more veggies!


Nancy said...

I've been eating much healthier and trying to get more exercise! Exercise is much harder with a baby, but I'm getting in good walks with her and some swimming. Good luck!!!

Alissa Edwards said...

Hi there! I'm on your team! I see that you're shredding and that you're thrifty too! Looking forward to following your progress, mama!