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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Running post: Amount spent on Groceries for Challenge

daily prices are before OK state sales tax; tax to be added in to each wk's total Week 1 7/14 Target 6.99(received 5.00 gift card) Walmart 17.68 7/15 Reasor's 2.68 7/16 Target 0.00(used gift cards from shopping trip on 7/14) 7/19 Homeland 0.00(bought coffee creamer and school supplies; creamer should have been 0.99, but after coupon overages my total oop was 0.65, so I am calling this one free) Monterey's 39.69 (inc tax and tip) hubby is having surgery Wednesday and wanted a last meal and drink out since he will be cooped up for a number of weeks total for wk 1 27.66 + tax + 39.69= 69.71 Week 2 7/20 Homeland 0.00(total was 0.01, but cashier said 'don't worry about it' embarrassed:all I had was a credit card on me!) 7/20 liquor store 4.66 inc tax 7/22 Homeland 2.44 (for food items) 7/23 hospital cafeteria 12.46 inc tax 7/25 Walmart 4.55(would be 14.55, but sending off for rebates in amount of $10.00, so total adjusted to 4.55) 7/26 Sam's Club 11.44(used $10 gift card to bring total down) total for wk 2 18.43+tax+17.12=37.12 Week 3 7/29 Homeland 0.00(bought applesauce, pineapple, handsoap, 4 bic pens, oxy overages made my total oop 0.56, so I'm calling the 2 food items free!) 7/30 Cheesecake Factory 30.00 Nat'l Cheesecake Day=1/2 price at Cheesecake Factory...took MIL to lunch $30 for all 4 of us to have appetizers & dessert & tip 8/01 Homeland 5.13 incl tax(3 lbs peaches, tyson chicken, hormel pepperoni, 3 applesauce, 3 pk pens) 8/02 Walgreens 4.00(used coupons and RR to get 16 jars of Ragu, will donate some!) total for week 3= 39.47 Week 4 8/06 Walmart 12.74 (needed some baking ingredients--I'm on cake duty for family bday party Saturday; proud of this shopping trip: original total was 30.68) total for week 4= 12.74+ tax= 13.83

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