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Monday, July 13, 2009

BETHETAY's SparkPage - Here we go again

BETHETAY's SparkPage - Here we go again I love Sparkpeople! This, along with the motivation my best friend Leslie provides, is how I lost almost 50 lbs in 4 months in preparation for my wedding. Unfortunately, the weight did not stay off. I blame stress a bit..I had several friends and relatives pass away the month before my wedding. I also blame myself..I got lazy! Plain and simple! I did not continue to workout; I did not continue to eat healthy foods. And now I'm paying for it. The month we got pregnant with Garrett was a make or break month..get pregnant or start a new health plan--we got Garrett! I am so thankful for Leslie--she helps me be accountable for what I do involving my health. I cannot get motivated on me own--I've tried! But with Leslie's prompting, I have gotten excited again. My Sparkpeople account allows me to log my food and exercise choices, and I already weighed myself, but I haven't taken measurements in a long waist and hip measurements have increased about 7 inches in 2 years--that will change! Granted, I just gave birth 11 wks ago, but it's time!

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