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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Running post: Progress in Fit by Labor Day Challenge

Week 1 goals: 30 day shred, drink more water, use whole foods(less processed stuff), eat more fruits and veggies, log food and exercise on Spark recap:shred every day but Sunday(went bowling instead), drank lots of H2O, didn't eat processed foods, ate more fresh produce, logged onto spark every day...lost 2 lbs Week 2 goals:continue week 1 as much as possible(dh surgery Wednesday), transition to level 2 recap:I did not make the level 2 transition, but I did manage to workout 4 days, and lost 1 lb Week 3 goals:workout more, more veggies, spend less money! recap: did NOT workout more :-(, but did eat more veggies...we only had a few meals with meat this week, didn't necessarily spend less, but got more deals! Week 4 goals: workout, workout, much as possible considering I have a busy week planned, drink more water, continue the veggies, spend less! recap:


Alissa Edwards said...

I like you new blog template! How cool that you're starting school again, too. What will you be going for?
How is this week going so far?

beth said...

Thanks for the comment...I am so green when it comes to blogging, but found it pretty easy to switch the template!
School...I need to just get some basics out of the way. I actually don't have a plan to return to the workplace anytime soon, so not sure what to do...I was a restaurant manager for 14 years, and not going back! I, amazingly enough, have been interested in nutrition and holistic healing for the past few years. May think about that, but also looking to take some psych and child psych classes. Definitely something of the medical/health persuasion.

This week is a challenge, with the heat, and the 30 day shred kicking my tail...making better food choices, and very motivated to make this work!