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Monday, July 13, 2009

Recap of day 1

I'm very tired and going to bed in just a minute...before 10 pm..a new record for me! But, Garrett is asleep in the crib, and I sent Trenton(my 12 yr old) to his room to read before he goes to bed. Recap of day 1 of several challenges: Worked out this morning to Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, and my thighs really feel it right now! Grocery challenge=no money spent today, used stockpiled food. Breakfast: T had yogurt(tummy ache) V had cereal I had waffles with peanut butter Lunch: T & V had leftover spaghetti(greens cooked into the sauce) and salad I had 2 plates of salad..yum! Dinner: I threw together a dish of pasta, baked chicken, collard greens, diced mozzarella, and tossed it with caesar vinaigrette dressing 2 snacks for me: Yogurt for both snacks Calorically speaking, I didn't eat enough today. Have to remember I am breastfeeding, and need the extra calories, but I was busy all day and didn't have much time to get more into me! I did drink about 80 oz of water! Another challenge: Logged all my food and exercise for the day in to my account at Sparkpeople...keeps me honest if I have to post it online! New challenge(sorta): My hubby had his appt with his neurosurgeon about his back issue, and the new numbness/weakness he is experiencing. Looks like surgery next Wednesday for him...more about that tomorrow...going to bed while the baby is still asleep! G'Night!

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Alissa Edwards said...

Hi mama!
Just wanted to say great job on your first day. I'm Alissa on your team. I'm also doing the 30 Day Shred. I am on Day 3 of Level 3 right now. I'm also big into the salad thing! I'll try to share recipes on my blog! Feel free to follow me too! We can do this!