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Saturday, July 11, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge

All You Grocery Challenge This starts Monday as well...busy week! This challenges you to limit your grocery/food bill to $25/person each week for 4 wks. I can totally do this! We have so much in our cabinets and freezer right now, much of which I haven't seen for months. I have a bad habit of buying stuff and stacking it on top of something else, and then I forget about it, or cook something completely different. With this challenge I can buy groceries or takeout as long as I don't go over the $25/person each week, but you can use food you already have stockpiled, or use your garden, or have a potluck dinner with friends, or whatever! I am going to take this opportunity to come up with meals using food we already have in the house, as much as possible. Of course, with my love of couponing, if there is a good sale during the month, I will go shopping to stock us up. I also have a trip to Sam's Club planned for some basics, but I will still try my hardest to only cook meals from ingredients already bought! Think I'll have to check into some of the websites that have recipes to suggest based on what ingredients you have on hand...we have alot of pasta and beans in the cabinet, so variation of other ingredients are going to be crucial! Suggestions are welcomed!

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