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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Running post: Meals made for Grocery Challenge

week 1 7/13 B--misc. L--salad and leftover spaghetti D--pasta with chicken and collard greens with Caesar Vinaigrette 7/14 B--misc. L--leftover spaghetti and salad D--Southwest Eggrolls 7/15 B--misc. L--hubby took sack lunch; at home, leftover southwest eggrolls D--leftover pasta with chicken and collard greens with Caesar Vinaigrette, and large salad 7/16 B--misc. L--hubby, sack lunch; at home, leftover pasta w/chx & greens D--cabbage rolls, salad 7/17 B--waffles and scrambled eggs L--leftover pasta w/ chx & greens D--leftover cabbage rolls, salad 7/18 B--misc L--misc leftovers D--bacon wrapped filets, Baked potato, sweet corn, peas 7/19 B--misc L--misc leftovers D--dinner out--Mexican! week 2 7/20 B--misc. L--turkey sandwich using homebaked bread and gma's cucumbers and tomatoes, baby carrots D--baked tilapia with crumb topping, tomato & cucumber salad(from gma's garden), angel hair pasta 7/21 B--misc L--misc leftovers D--bacon wrapped filets, fried potatoes, leftover salad 7/22 B--cereal and yogurt L--granola bar(hubby in surgery) D--leftover steak, baked potato 7/23 B--cereal and yogurt L--pasta and salad(hospital cafeteria) for mom; T had burger & fries D--(hubby home from hospital)pasta with mustard greens, tomato sauce, mozzarella 7/24 B--misc L--sandwiches, fresh veggies D--steak fajitas(with steak we won from local meat company), homemade tortillas, corn and black beans, homemade salsa 7/25 B--misc L--leftover fajitas D--sandwiches and leftover pasta with mustard greens, tomato sauce, mozzarella 7/26 B--misc L--sanwiches, leftover pasta, edamame and okra from garden D--potato and zucchini fritatta(MIL's garden), leftover steak fajitas week 3 7/27 B--fruit & nut bread(get well gift) L--leftover frittata and fajitas D--big salad & tex mex bread(get well gift) 7/28 B--leftover bread & homemade yogurt L--baked potato & salad(romaine, spinach, cucumber, tomato, broccoli, green onion, black beans..yum!) D--misc leftovers & sandwiches 7/29 B--granola bar & banana L--Tyson skillet sensations Asian Orange chicken(easy & free because of mail in rebate) D--misc leftovers & salad 7/30 B--yourt & cereal L--Cheesecake Factory D--baked zucchini with italian seasons and bread crumbs, pb&j sandwiches 7/31 B--misc(I had waffles) L--crockpot chili with kidney beans and black beans D--turkey sandwiches, large salad, leftover zucchini, leftover edamame from our garden 8/01 B--misc L--leftover chili, leftover veggies D--misc salads & veggies 8/02 B--misc L--spaghetti & sauce with sliced zucchini(From MIL's garden) D--leftover pasta or sandwiches & salad 8/03 B--misc(I had homemade yogurt & cereal) L--pasta & broccoli & sauce(made with butter, flour, milk, garlic, ranch dressing, mozzarella) D--leftover spaghetti or pasta w/broccoli 8/04 B--misc L--turkey sandwich, baked potato(w/chives from garden), & homemade mint chocolate pudding D--chicken nuggets, cheesy scalloped potatoes, salad 8/05 B--misc L--leftover chx nuggets & scalloped potatoes D--homemade flour tortillas, steak for fajitas(steak won in local giveaway), spinach & tomato, sauteed onions 8/06 B--misc L--bacon wrapped filets(free from giveaway) & veggies from our garden(we didn't know we had anything survive...came up with red potatoes carrots!) & homemade yogurt, frozen, w/strawberries D--turkey sandwich & new potatoes; Trenton went to a BBQ at church 8/07 B--misc L--steak fajitas w/ new potatoes D--turkey sandwiches & salads & veggies(corn, salad, carrots) 8/08 B--biscuits, fried potatoes, eggs, link sausage L/D(family party)--I made pear crisp(our tree) & lemon cake w/ lemon sauce & strawberries; we feasted on homemade fried, melons, salad, & buffalo burgers 8/09 B--misc(I had homemade yogurt, strawberries & cereal) L--leftover steaks & new potatoes, leftover corn, carrots, salad, cucumber(gma's garden) D--flatbread pizza(no-rise bread I made a couple wks back & stuck in the freezer) with olives, artichokes, pepperoni, mustard greens, & cheese; jello for dessert

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