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Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Well, my husband is home from his stay at the hospital. His back surgery looks to be successful so far! He was scheduled for a laminectomy, which they performed, and got a surprise partial discectomy, as the doctor discovered a massive herniation of a disc once the surgery was underway. Recovery is hard and slow-going. I am so thankful for my older child to be home and helpful...caring for a 3 month old and a 30-something in pain is tough work for one person! I am still on the 30 day shred, although I did not make it through the whole routine today. I have added some walking with my hubby several times daily...somehow, even taking Wednesday and Thursday off from exercising, I managed to lose a little more weight! We are still eating healthy, making homemade everything(so much stuff to do!) We are sticking to a budget still, as per the guidelines in the grocery challenge. This is probably due to my laziness right now...too hot and tired to get out of the house and do much shopping! I do need to get out and pick up some produce tomorrow, though, so I guess I better find some motivation! I managed to weed one of my gardens this week..the iris bed, and planted a few new iris rhizomes. I need to get to the veggie garden and weed it, but it looks like such a daunting task right may have to wait. I finally got myself in gear and listed some auctions on ebay...have some clothes to sell...need the money with hubby off work with recovery, and I need the space back in my bedroom! I started dying some of Garrett's prefolds tonight...the ones that are really stained! I have black, bahama blue, and tulip red right now, but I won an auction on ebay so I'll have some other colors to work with next week! I may try tie-dying them if I can figure out how to do it. Another project that I can't seem to get moving on: sewing up some wool covers...I DO NOT sew well with a machine, and that would make it go easier and faster...maybe next month I'll pull the machine out and try to get these things done. I read you can recycle wool sweaters into diaper covers, and thought I could do it before Garrett's arrival, but I worked in my garden every day instead. I have several beautiful 100% wool sweaters I picked up at a thrift shop for 99 cents each, and I really want to make this of these days, right? Well, that's my quick seems I don't have very much time this week. Housework is calling, too, but who wants to clean the house when your favorite boys in the world want to spend time with you?! When I find a moment, I have to decide between working out, doing housework, grabbing a shower, cooking for the next meal, working on a project that I started, and many other things...ugh, no wonder I'm so tired! I know it gets easier, there's just so much I want to do... now I'm just ranting..time for bed!

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