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Monday, August 10, 2009

Grocery Challenge is over...

but we aren't done at my house! I loved this challenge...I really learned alot about my shopping habits. My family and I were forced(willingly)to make some changes in what we ate, and how much we spent on our food. This challenge came at an appropriate time: I am a new SAHM, so our monthly income is much less than what it used to be. My husband is still home recovering from back surgery, and won't get his full salary for another several weeks. I had the baby to care for, and my older son & husband were home every day...extra meals to make, extra shopping, extra housework, extra stress. But somewhere along the way I began to feel more alive...strange, but true. I feel less burdened when I get a great bargain, when I use coupons to lower our grocery bill, when I come up with a new recipe to accomodate the food we have on hand. I won't deny that the past month has been hard at times, but not because of the grocery challenge...saving money on groceries, household necessities, school supplies, utility bills, etc., is my new obsession. I am constantly thinking of how else I can help my family get through this tough economic season. We can walk to the library(in the 100 degree heat, no less) to rent free movies instead of driving to the theater or video store. We can eat leftovers when mom doesn't feel like cooking instead of getting takeout. We can price-match at shopping centers instead of running all over town to get 2 items at each store. We can use cloth diapers, cloth napkins & towels. The list goes on... So, I'm thankful for the AllYou Grocery Challenge for the changes it has brought us. As I type this entry, I'm enjoying an apple that we purchased today...99cents/lb at Target this week...used a $1 off 1lb apples coupon from the Target website(I was able to do this for 10 lbs of free apples!)...that free apple is tastier than any apple I've eaten before!

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