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Thursday, August 27, 2009

bank benefits

So, my hubby insisted that we start the program at the bank where every time I pay a bill or use my check card, 50 cents goes into savings, and the bank matches it...he says since I shop so much(laugh out loud), it would be worth it to sign up. Of course, he works for said bank, so I do what I'm told! Really, if the bank will match my contributions for the 3 month period that they offer, that pays for several of my shopping trips! It just so happens that my first time using the program was for my $0.94 purchase at Target, the bank will be giving us 50 cents for that, yay! What a deal! So, if you are local and interested in this bank extra, contact me and I'll get you my husbands info...(he does make 'points' from opening accounts, so it would be helping him!) Or, if you just need banking or loan services, I can get you in touch with a qualified professional...let me know!

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