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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Homeland shopping trip 8/12/09

I had a great shopping trip at Homeland can't see everything in the pic, so I'll list it(coupons are all doubled except where marked): Eggo waffles 1.66(didn't need, but needed for the Fuel for School rebate!) 3# frozen chicken breast 4.99 3# frozen chicken breast 4.99 Kotex tampons 2.69(-1.00q from a Walmart sample)0.69 Special K choc pretzel bar2.00(-0.75 Cinnabon bar 2.00(-1.00 Cinnabon bars 2.00(-0.75 sunday insert)0.50 Farmland smoked sausage2.50(-0.55 Farmland mailer)1.40 Rice Krispies cereal 2.50(-1.00 vocalpoint mailer)0.50 Red Baron french bread singles 2.50(-0.75dnd) 1.75 2 Farmland bacon B1G1 3.99(-1.00 Farmland mailer) 1.99for both Sure deodorant 1.99(-0.75 insert)0.49 Sure Men's deodorant 1.99(-1.25 insert) 0.74 coffeemate 1.79(-0.55 not on sale, coupon was about to expire)0.69 2KelloggsFiberPlus bars 2.00 each(-1.00/2 from back of box previously purchased)2.00/both KelloggsFiberPlus bars 2.00(-0.75 insert)0.50 French's worchester sauce 1.49(-0.50 french's website, not on sale but coupon to expire)0.49 Farmland Smoked Sausage 2.50(-0.75 Farmland mailer)1.00 2 Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies 2.00each(-1.00/2 for both
My total before tax was 59.49. I used a $5/$25 coupon I received in the mail from Homeland Corporate, used all the coupons listed above, used leftover Gift Card from the Kelloggs buy 10/get $25 deal earlier in the summer, paid total oop $6.02.
There are 10 items in my purchase that are eligible for the Kellogg's Fuel for School deal...I will receive $10 back in rebate(so I'm making 3.98!!)! If I had been thinking, the Sure Men's deodorant had a 'try me free' sticker, and I should have asked the cashier to let me pay separately for this..I have actually already done this rebate, but I could have done it again and used my parents' address...but, you have to send in the original receipt for both rebates, so I'm going to just to the Kelloggs rebate...oh, well, it was still cheap! That's it!

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Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Awesome Deals! Thanks for sharing. I post Homeland Coupon Match ups on my blog as well, if you ever want to stop by!