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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

meals week of 8/10/09

So, I loved the grocery challenge so much, I am going to see if I can continue with posting meals and shopping trips: 8/10 B--misc(I had homemade yogurt & cereal) L--pasta w/ sauce & mustard greens D--BBQ pork ribs, new potatoes(made German potato salad), sweet corn on the cob, & crescent rolls 8/11 B--misc L--leftover pasta, added pepperoni D--leftover ribs, potato salad, corn, added salad 8/12 B--misc L--leftovers from tuesday D--rice, red beans, mixed veggies w/ sour cream & salsa; salads; leftover lemon angel food cake & pear crisp & strawberries 8/13 leftovers all day 8/14 B--misc L--leftovers D--spinach lasagna with homemade ricotta

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