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Monday, August 24, 2009

Target shopping trip 8/24

So, thankfully my hubby went to the store with me, and didn't complain the whole time(but I promised not to ask him to go shopping again for a little while!) Here's what we got, with links to coupons if possible. Target is great because you can use one manufacturer's coupon and one Target coupon for each item...I mostly use internet printable coupons, but there were a couple from Sunday papers...(MQ is manu., TQ is Target) sure when you print off coupons, to hit your browser's back button, then retry/refresh to print a 2nd coupon...most will only give you 2 coupons! I was able to get 4 for most, because I have 2 computers at home! All Target coupons were printed from this site I've never had a problem at Target(usually go to the younger cashiers because they aren't grumpy about coupons), but some friends have...if they give you grief, show them this Baby items: Aveeno baby products, 2/$7, use $2MQ and $1 TQ for each price $0.50 each Johnson's baby products, not on sale, but baby wash was 2.19, shampoo, 3.14, didn't check other prices, but not much higher, also included is Johnson's baby cotton swabs, but no MQ for this, use $1 and $1 TQ for each item, MQ also, final price $0.19 for baby wash, $1.14 for shampoo, prices vary on other items ...just realized(going back!) No Q needed except the TQ for this: Johnson's 'Buddy bars'(soap in a mesh netting) are 97 cents, so free after Q! Boost Kid Essentials shakes 6 pk 7.99, use $5MQ and $2 TQ, final price 99 cents gerber 'feeding accessories', prices vary: plastic bottle 0.99, bottle nipples 2.42, toddler utensils 2.42-3.23, lots of other items but didn't need them! use $1 TQ for each item, final price free bottles, other 1.42+(they have plates, bowls, sippy cups..great to stock up for you or expectant friends Grocery: skittles crazy cores(up from at register)0.52, use $1TQ for each for free candy(some cashiers will even put it through as $1 and pay down some of your other bill) found a couple clearance items in grocery..sauce mixes and pastas for 50 cents, decaf espresso grounds under $3 for a 15 oz can, just check the end caps(and I hear that if the clearance price's last digit is a 4, like 2.94, that is the lowest price, so snatch it up!) Archer Farms Artisan breads(mini-loaves, great for hubby's sandwich at lunch!) 0.99 regular price, use $1TQ for each loaf for free bread! General Mills cereal cups(the little, on the go, kid size ones...nice for snacks!) 1.00, use $1TQ for each cup for free cereal whole pineapple 3.99, use $1TQ for each for 2.99(I bought 3 and will freeze for smoothies!) bananas 66cents/lb, use 0.50TQ for each pound(I went ahead and separated into 3 bananas per bunch in case a cashier got crappy...about 3 in each lb, bought 6 lbs for 16 cents each! Tyson cornish game hen 2.99 on sale, use $1MQ , final price 1.99 edy's ice cream 3.04, use $1MQ from Sunday paper(you can google for a printable--I didn't check) and $1TQ, final 1.04 for ice cream! HBA Dove Ultimate womens deodorant 3.29, use $2MQ and $1TQ for final price 0.29! Colgate Spongebob toothbrush or toothpaste 1.99, use $1 MQ and and $1TQ(this TQ expires the 26th so hurry! final price: free toothbrush and toothpaste! Pets Chef Michaels dry dog food, I chose the 1.5 lb bags,but you could get larger if you wanted...1.5 lb is 4.49, use $3.50 MQ or the $3.00 coupon from Sunday insert and $1 TQ for each bag, final price 0.49-free! Orig total 170.xx, paid 40.40!

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