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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Target fruit on sale

In case you didn't hear: Target has a great sale on fruit this week..I'm all stocked up for healthy snacks! Tentation apples are 99cents/ lb, use $1/1lb Q here bananas are 66 cents/lb, use 50 cents/1lb Q here 2lb bags are $1.99 of peaches, nectarines, & plums To be on the safe side, I weighed out into individual bags the apples & bananas at 1lb each 10 times, then used a separate coupon for each(actually, the cashier put them all in a Target bag and weighed them together, then manually pushed thru each coupon, but not all cashiers will do that for you!) So, apples are free and bananas are 16 cents/lb...the others I listed are 99cents/lb which was still a good price, especially if you get the apples & bananas so cheap! If you buy 10 lbs apples, 10 lbs bananas, & 1 bg each of the peaches, plums, & nectarines, you will get 26 lbs of fruit for 7.57 + tax..that's 30cents/lb averaged! Think you won't use all that before it goes bad? Make bread and freeze it, slice & heat-process in jars, freeze bananas for smoothies!


Melissa said...

Was there a coupon for the peaches and other fruit? I can't find it.

Melissa said...
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beth said... coupon for the 2lb bags of's just on sale...the online ad for 'supertarget' category...they didn't advertise in the newspaper ad I received, I just happened upon it online!

tenthingsfarm said...

Another idea for the apples - if you have a dehydrator, dry some for snacks! We have some apple trees and I do this every year. They are especially good with the lightest sprinkle of cinnamon on them. I have a post about it on my blog:
Hope that helps! Great prices on that stuff! :)