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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Where has all my time gone? Now with Trenton back in school and Vince released to return to work, I have even less help with daily duties at home...guess some things will have to take the back burner! The must-do's: getting the garden ready, daily meals & laundry & housework, & taking care of these beautiful children! are taking priority for awhile...craft projects & lengthy workouts can wait! I may even have to cut back on shopping(eek) & computer time(double eek)...I really would like to have a little more time(i.e. energy) to spend on getting back into shape, especially since the Fit By Labor Day Challenge ends soon, but even without the daily workout, I lost another 3 lbs last week...must be my healthy cooking, yay! on the shopping note: I did get some nice deals at Homeland($20 down from $60--4 shopping bags full!) & Walgreens(spent $12, got $8 back in RR--got 4 baby wipes, 12 pktoilet tissue, & 3 feminine products--pretty good for basically $4)..good thing on the savings since school supplies, uniforms, & shoes ran around $250 this would have been higher, but alot of the supplies ended up being free or leftover from clearances last year! Ok, felt like I was slacking on the blog, but I'm satisfied for now...more later!

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