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Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm never driving again!

Ok, not never, but not often! My little one does not like car rides! I don't get it! My older son always fell asleep for car rides, which made trips out of town or just to the store a breeze...this boy...oh, this boy...he hates being strapped down! There is nothing wrong with his carseat, or how he is strapped in. He isn't hungry, or wet, or dirty. He just doesn't like it! I can handle the 2 mile drive with fussing, but the 8+ mile round trip drive to pick up my older son from school is just intolerable! Garrett screams, and gets choked on his own spit because he screamed so much. I stop, check everything, determine he's fine, and try to go a little further. As soon as I'm out of his vision, he screams! This has happened 2 days in a row now...he is starting to lose his voice from's so pathetic! It took us 1 hr to get 4 miles today, because I had to stop several times. Some people tell me to just ignore it and get home, but I can't do that for the entire doesn't seem healthy to me to just let him scream til his throat hurts. Next week, my mother is kind enough to bring Trenton home from school on her way home from work for 3 of the days...I'll have to figure something out the other days! I'll just try to take Garrett out for short car rides several times a week, and just add time to our travel each up his tolerance! Right now, Mr.Fussy is taking a his carseat in the living room floor...go figure!

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