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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

week 5 fit by labor day challenge

Well, it's a new week(well, yesterday was, but I was too busy and too unmotivated)! I did not lose ANY weight last week, which means I need to change something. I have not made it a priority to workout, I have not made it a priority to not snack all day, I have not made ME a priority! This morning I got up with the baby at 5 am, and as he played by himself in the pack & play, I managed to get 15 minutes on the elliptical trainer! Then, after a little mommy & baby time, he was ready to go back to sleep, so I worked on abs and arm strengthening. Go, me! I do feel better after I work out, but it's just so hard to get started each day! Tomorrow I plan to skip the strength training but add some time to cardio, so I don't get burned out! Again, this will be a long process for me...I can see I'm not fully committed to it yet, so every little accomplishment is important to me. Follow the other participants of the challenge here


Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

Don't be discouraged by the scale not moving! Just keep up what you did today and make you a priority. The scale was stuck for me for a couple weeks and even went up at one point even though I've been keeping up with my plan, but it went back down and is now steadily going down still. Keep it up!

Alissa Edwards said...

Go girl! That is inspiring! Keep up the good work. My scale was stuck for 4 weeks at 134 and then started moving again. Trust that your hard work is paying off, even if you can't see it in numbers.

Katie said...

Good job! Making time for exercise is one of the hardest things to do sometimes