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Monday, August 24, 2009

Walgreens deals ending this week...hurry!

We use cloth wipes and diapers, but it's nice to have disposables when we are running around town! In the front of Walgreens there is a 'back to school' booklet..get this! Inside is a coupon expiring 8/29/09 for Huggies wipes. The 64ct-72ct Huggies wipes are 2.79-2.99. This coupon is $2 off(it says $1, but rings up for 2.00; You don't need a coupon for each box of wipes, it will multiply), making wipes 79-99 cents! Cheap, right? If you have any wipes coupons from home mailers or newspapers, it makes it even cheaper! Also, has a $1.50 coupon for any 1 diaper 'product', it has a pic of diapers on it, but I successfully used this for the wipes, plus it gives you overage for other stuff! A note, Walgreens also allows you to use 1 MQ and 1 Walgreens Q for each item, but, you cannot have more Qs than items; for instance, if you buy 2 Huggies wipes and use the Walgreens Q, it counts for 2 coupons since it multiplies, and if you use 2 MQ, you need 2 more items, so go hit the clearance aisle, or buy a pack of gum or 2! Again, hurry..this ends on the 29th! Listerine kids mouthwash...2/$8 ends Saturday the 29th also! Pick up 2 of the kids smartrinse, and the Walgreen's coloring book(near the pharmacy 99cents, check the front for coupons). After they scan the coloring book, have them scan the Walgreens Q $2 off for the kids Listerine inside the book(you can keep the coupon since it is a Walgreens Q), and use 2 $1 MQ, or the b1g1 Q from the Sunday paper a couple weeks ago...worse case scenario is $8 for 2, minus the Walgreens Q(it multiplies) of $2 & $2, minus the 2 MQ of $1 & $1, final is $2, but at checkout you will get a 'register rewards' coupon from the cashier for $3, so you make money! Only do this once per trip, because they won't give you 2 coupons for the same deal! Remember to buy 2 extra items because of your extra coupons! Also in the coloring book(btw, the coupons expire in March, so use them again later!) is $2 off kids character bandaids...the bandaids are regular priced 3.99. If you have any MQ from Sunday papers, use them, too..jyst don't forget to add extra items for extra coupons! Buy 2 boxes of the character band-aids, use the Walgreens Q, pay 7.98 minus $2 & $2=3.98, receive a register reward for $4, which covers your bandad cost! Register rewards: You can't get rewards for more than 1 deal on the same trip, but you could do the listerine deal and band aid deal the same trip and get the $3 & $4 to use the next trip! You can't use the rewards to do the same deal again...but you could use the listerine $3 to do the bandaid $4 deal(your total must be higher than the coupon value. And, the register rewards counts as a coupon, so get an extra cheap item...confused? Me, too, at first, but it's really easy once you get the hang of it! Sometimes they have deals where you get the item free...last week was Softsoap Nutrierum body wash for 3.99, get a RR for 4.00...pretty awesome!

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