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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Walgreens 12/12

I decided to head back to Wags because of the Holiday Dollars, cheap A&H detergent, and Olay Quench rebate.  I have more Qs coming for the Quench deal so I'll be back at it next week!
Not as much fun without a picture, but here's my list of what I bought today in 6 transactions:

9 Phazyme (-10/3 MQ & 2 IVC)
2 Triaminic (-3MQ & 2MQ & 2 IVC)
8 gift sacks
20 postage stamps
5 Comtrex (-1.50MQ & 3IVC & 2IVC)
4 A&H detergent (-1.00/2 MQ)
2 Stayfree pads (-1MQ)
2 8.4 oz Olay Quench lotion (-3MQ & free MQ)
1 Olay body wash
1 20.2 oz Olay Quench lotion
2 Milky Way (-bogo Q)
3 Revlon Emery Board (-1MQ & 1IVC)
1 bx Baby Mum Mum rice husks (-IVC)

I spent more than usual oop because of the postage.
I used 16 in RR
I spent 8.05 plus tax so 19.24
I have 29 in new RRs plus the Quench lotion will get me 21.97 back in MIR
Looks like $31 profit!

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