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Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy, Busy!

I am really busy this week!
 I had 53 ebay auctions ending yesterday, and about half sold!  Several buyers are combining so I feel like a warehouse employee pulling orders to ship!
I am trading coupons with 4 people right now, so I've been printing, clipping, sorting...
I am transitioning to a coupon binder so my Qs are a mess(and my binder pages just arrived in the mail, yay!)
I haven't started addressing Christmas cards yet, however I do have pictures ready to send.
I did a mystery shop job on Sunday and completed my report, but I have 2 more assignments to complete by Wednesday.  These 2 involve one to one interaction, and I am super shy so it's hard to get motivated for them.  Nevertheless, I have 1 set up for Wedenesday, and I am placing a all for the other appt. later today.
I haven't started wrapping any gifts for the boys...heck, I haven't finished shopping for them!

I need to get finished with much of this so that I can get to Walgreens and Target before Saturday...

1 comment:

Theresa said...

You are definitely busy!
I just did a mystery shop today and need to turn in the report tomorrow! What company do you go through?

I sell stuff on ebay too...although nothing too exciting (I did just sell 200 diabetes strip from all the free meters though for a decent amount!)

Good luck with your busy week and I hope you make it to Wags for the free Theraflu and Triaminic!