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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Make Your Own...........Baby Wipes!

We cloth diaper at home, and it makes more sense to me to use cloth wipes with cloth diapers.  There are many different recipes for wipes solution, involving tea tree or calendula, but I make a very simple blend that works for us.  I boil water, then let it cool. 
Mix 1 cup cooled water
1 tsp baby oil
1 tsp baby wash or shampoo.

I make double this amount and fill a spray bottle, then I just spray onto cloths as needed.  I use soft washcloths, or cut squares from old flannel or fleece blankets or scraps...fleece seems to work the best.  Some moms will use an empty wipes tub, cut a roll of thick paper towels in half, remove the cardboard roll, then pour the solution over the towels.  That seems like a good method if you use disposable diapers and want to save on wipes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
I check out your blog every once in a while and was reading about your homemade baby wipe solution. I started to laugh as I was reading that you put it in a spray bottle because I thought, there for a second, that you squirt the baby's bottom with it. Hah!! Not a bad thought though.

beth said...

lol..I have done that at times! Sometimes, you just have to!