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Sunday, December 13, 2009

still busy

Wanna know something really random?  When I one-handed-typed that title, it initially said 'still busty' lol!

Just quickly saying I am still busy--3 mystery shops last week took alot of time.  I just got one tonight that is due in 2 days..I am inclined to turn it down, but it is an apartment tour and pays $25 for about 60 minutes total of my time!  Can't beat that...$25 will pay for 2 weeks or more of my Walgreens habit!

Monday:  meeting some girls to swap coupons quickly, and 2 shopping trips.  Trying to reach my mystery shop 'target' and completing the shop if possible!
Tuesday: finishing mystery shop if not done onMonday, meeting some mommies for coffee then Target shopping.
Wednesday: Walgreens, guess I better get prepared on Mon/Tues!
who knows what else this week...


almira said...

I am sooo new to the coupons but I am really interested in the mystery shopping you do what would be a safe web site to sign up? If you don't mind me asking. I am a stay home mom and would not mind making some money for me to use while the kids are in school.

beth said...

I use Shoppers,Inc...they are takes awhile sometimes to get assignments, and they are time-consuming to type up, but it's fun!

almira said...

thank you I will check out the web site. Just staying home is making go crazy. I already made a Binder for my coupons.