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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wags week of 12/13

$23.05 oop so far...going in for more!
I have a ton of deals in the works this week, not because they have great deals, but because I have Register Rewards to use up!  Here's what I have from shopping Tuesday & Wednesday:

6 pkgs Huggies
3 6pks Viva paper towels
2 Viactiv
5 Olay Quench lotion
5 Olay body wash
1 Biotene toothpaste
3 Phazyme
10 Thermacare arthritis wraps
1 Fusion Razor
4 bags Ghiradelli Squares!
about 2 dozen votive candles

I received 6 $5 Holiday Dollars Rewards, $3RR for Biotene, $2 RR for Ghiradelli, 6 $2 RR for Huggies, & $4RR for Fusion.  I also have 2 buyers for the Thermacare wraps(sold some on ebay before and both buyers requested more!).  I can submit for $4.50 rebate for the Huggies at Caregivers Marketplace.  I can submit for the Olay Quench lotion rebate to get another $49.95 back!  That is over $80 back, so profit of $60 so far this week!

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