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Thursday, December 3, 2009 new fav mall store!

Have you signed up for the A-list at Aerie yet?  You can sign up online or in the store, but just sign up!  Every month they offer A-listers a free gift(pick up any Thursday of the month), this month was a free Love & Joy chocolate bar valued at $!
  I went into the store for the first time today, and the staff was incredible!  I had plans to only get my free gift, but the girl that greeted us changed my mind!  They had cute, cute panties in all colors an plaids on sale for 5/$15, plus today only they were offering 30% off plus a free tote bag with any purchase.  The panties were too cute and a great deal!  I split my transaction:  5 panties in each, so I could get 2 free tote bags and paid 22.78 including tax for 10 pr!!!  I am just sad I didn't start going last month when their freebie was a full size bottle of perfume...


Theresa said...

Hey there...I love the deal you got and free tote bags? Nice!
I wish I had an Aerie at my mall, but the nearest one is 50 minutes or so and I rarely head to that one.

I added a blogroll to my blog and added your link. Could you do the same for me if you get a chance?

Mom About Town said...

Wow!! That's a great deal, I need to go to that store! I am on their mailing list now, so that's good. Not sure if you have signed up for, but you can sign up and then you get discounts and free gifts for your birthday sent to you. For your birthday you get 3 free lip glosses! Yay!